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Mrs. Reynolds, Basic Character Information

Mrs. Reynolds is the housekeeper at Pemberley, a former roommate of mine described her as “the Darcy pimp.”

Basic Information:

Given Name: Unknown

Primary Residence: Pemberley

Physical Characteristics: Mrs. Reynolds is elderly and respectable looking.

Personality Characteristics: Mrs. Reynolds is civil to Elizabeth and the Gardiners when they tour Pemberley, particularly after she discovers that Elizabeth knows Darcy, of whom she is very fond. She presents a very flattering portrait of her employer’s character explaining that he has always been good natured, even as a child.

Other information: She has known Darcy since he was 4 years old, which indicates that was probably the approximate time that she was hired by the Darcy family. It is possible that she began in some other post and moved up to the position of housekeeper.

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