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Henry Tilney, Basic Character information

Henry Tilney is the hero of Northanger Abbey. He is intelligent, well-read and generally perceptive.

Basic Information:

Age: 26, at the end of the novel. As he is a clergyman at the beginning of the novel he would be at least 25.

Primary Residence: Henry splits his time between his own home at Woodston and his family home at Northanger Abbey, with excursions to other places, like Bath, until he and his father have a disagreement that leaves  Woodston as his only home.

Spouse: Catherine Tilney nee Morland (end of the novel)
Other Family: His father, General Tilney, an older brother, Captain Frederick Tilney, and a younger sister, Eleanor Tilney. His mother is deceased.

Profession: Clergyman, he apparently holds a living in or near a town called Woodston

Physical Characteristics: Henry is not quite handsome but is tall with a “pleasing countenance” and a “very intelligent and lively eye.”

Personality Characteristics: Henry’s character is one of general agreeableness. While he is very intelligent and enjoys teasing and making sardonic comments he is also well-mannered and considerate. Some readers find his character to be unpleasant due to his commentary.

What to call him:

  • Henry – Close friends and family members.
  • Mr. Tilney/Mr. Henry Tilney – Everyone else. The use of his first name will serve to distinguish him from his father and older brother who are the more senior Tilneys.

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