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George Wickham, Basic Character Information

George Wickham is basically lacking in good character but his bad traits cause enough problems to warrant giving him a profile.

Basic Information:

Given Name: George

Age: Unknown, but nearly the same age as Darcy.

Primary Residence: Where ever is most convenient at the moment.

Spouse: Lydia Bennet
Children: For their sakes, I hope not.
Other Family: Wickham has no known living relatives at the time of the novel, or at least none that he keeps in contact with. His father was an attorney turned steward and his mother was apparently quite extravagant.

Physical Characteristics: Wickham is handsome man with “a fine countenance, a good figure, and very pleasing address.”

Personality Characteristics: Wickham is a very charming man, an excellent conversationalist and possesses a gift for making friends. Unfortunately, he is also an immoral, extravagant liar who has no problem with using (or ruining) other people in order accomplish his own ends. He tends to live in the moment without giving much thought to the future and has by so doing thrown away many of the advantages that he was given due to old Mr. Darcy’s patronage. Until his marriage to Lydia, his overall plan in life was to marry an heiress.

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