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Colonel Fitzwilliam, Basic Character Information

Colonel Fitzwilliam, the first nameless younger son of an earl, lacks money and good looks but makes up for it in charm.

Basic Information:

Given Name: Unknown. In fan fiction he is frequently named Richard.

Age: about 30

Parents: Colonel Fitzwilliam is a younger son of the earl of M—. In fan fiction the name Matlock is frequently assigned to the earldom. Presumably, his mother is the countess of M—, but if she died before her husband inherited the title she would never have been a countess.

Other Family: Colonel Fitzwilliam is the nephew of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and cousin to Fitzwilliam and Georgiana Darcy and Anne de Bourgh. He also has at least one elder brother.

Physical Characteristics: He is not handsome (sorry Studmuffin fans)

Personality Characteristics: On the brighter side his person and address show him to be “most truly” a gentleman. He is also described as being well-bred and capable of talking pleasantly and smart enough to enjoy talking with Elizabeth.

Other information: Colonel Fitzwilliam is one of the executors of his Uncle Darcy’s will and serves as co-guardian of Georgiana Darcy. He also apparently makes it a habit to visit his aunt, Lady Catherine every year at Easter.

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