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Mr. Bennet, Basic Character Information

Mr. Bennet is the patriarch of the Bennet family and the owner of Longbourn, at least until his death.

Basic Information:

Given Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown, at the beginning of the novel he is old enough to have been married 23 years.

Residence: Longbourn, located in Hertfordshire near the imaginary town of Meryton.

Education: Specifics are unknown, but he is fond of books and is known for his sarcastic wit.

Spouse: Mrs. Bennet, married 23 years at the beginning of the novel

Children: Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia

Other Family: William Collins (a cousin of some sort)

Physical Characteristics: Unknown

Personality Characteristics: Mr. Bennet is best known for his sarcastic wit, often sharpened on his family members (particularly his wife). He appears happiest when left alone and will typically chose the path of least resistance, without consideration of the consequences. While his love of independence has kept his family out of debt, he has not bothered to make any plans or provisions for them after his death, at first this was because he intended to have a son who would take responsibility for Mrs. Bennet and any other children and later this was due to habit.

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