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Just a Quick Note

I am going to but a halt to the character descriptions for the time being. I think I’ve hit most of the important Pride & Prejudice characters and I want to get to more interesting post topics, such as analysis of those characters and discussions of historical events and practices. If so moved, I may do another novel in a big batch like the one I just did, but I doubt that will happen.

Now, I am onto the more fun part of this blog, where I look at the Stories (Jane Austen’s writings) and the History (factual information about the late 18th and early 19th centuries). Please feel free to comment and share your opinions.

As of today my Literary and Historical Analysis and Explanation (rather than Basic Character Info) Posts have been:

Why is Jane Miss Bennet? on February 27, 2009 which discusses the use of the honorifics “Miss” and “Mister” and how birth order can effect them.
Injury Proofing the Child on March 1, 2009 which mentions two of the clothing articles a parent or other caregiver in this time might have used to help protect a young child.
Old-fashioned sealing wax on March 4, 2009 about an online retailer of old fashioned writing implements, whose website includes information on how to use the type of sealing wax Jane Austen and her characters would have used for their own letters.
Pride and Prejudice in Milwaukee on March 5, 2009, my brief review of the brand new stage adaptation of Pride and Prejudice that I was fortunate enough to see on March 4.

Upcoming posts include my analysis of how much Darcy had to pay in order to get Wickham to marry Lydia and my analysis and personal opinions concerning Mr. Bennet and the odious Longbourn entailment.

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