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The Lucas Family, Basic Character Information

Basic Information:

Members: Sir William Lucas, Lady Lucas, Charlotte Lucas, Maria Lucas, at least two sons and one more daughter, probably more.

Primary Residence: Lucas Lodge, near Meryton

Other Information: Sir William is known for his very civil manners and was in trade in Meryton before he was made a knight, sold his business and moved to Lucas Lodge. While he apparently had enough money to retire, it is indicated that he does not have a very large fortune being unable to offer much in the way of a dowry to Charlotte. It appears unlikely that his children will be able to maintain their father’s standard of living.

Lady Lucas is “a good kind of woman, not too clever to be a valuable neighbor to Mrs. Bennet.” She is a valuable source of gossip (so long as she isn’t gossiping about you).

Charlotte Lucas is Sir William and Lady Lucas’ eldest child and a close friend of Elizabeth Bennet.

Maria Lucas is Sir William and Lady Lucas’ second eldest daughter, indicating that there is probably at least one son in between her and Charlotte. Maria is young, good humored and empty headed.

A young Lucas son is mentioned following the Meryton Assembly at the beginning of the book. He is apparently fond of wine and foxhounds though nothing else is known about him.

A Naming Note: Because Sir William is a knight his wife is addressed as Lady Lucas, she would only be Lady Firstname Lucas if her father had been an earl, marquess, or duke which he wasn’t. Sir William’s title will die with him, it will not be inherited by his eldest son and none of his daughters are to be addressed as “Lady Firstname.”

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