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Mr. Collins, Basic Character Information

Basic Information:

Given Name: William

Age: 25 (in November)

Primary Residence: Hunsford Parsonage in Kent, after Mr. Bennet’s death he will inherit and presumably move to Longbourn.

Spouse: Charlotte Lucas
Children: He and Charlotte are expecting one at the end of the novel
Other Family: Is a distant relative of Mr. Bennet’s.

Physical Characteristics: Tall and heavy looking.

Personality Characteristics: Mr. Collins is ridiculous and insensible. The narrator describes him as “a mixture or pride and obsequiousness, self-importance and humility.” He tends to be very impressed with himself and his own ideas and rather obtuse or inconsiderate of the feelings of others, with the exception of his patroness Lady Catherine de Bourgh of course.

What to call him:

  • Mr. Collins – just about everyone apparently
  • Mr. Bennet – it is possible that after he inherits Longbourn, Mr. Collins will be obligated to change his name to Bennet.

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