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Mrs. Gardiner, Basic Character Information

Mrs. Gardiner is Elizabeth’s sensible and intelligent aunt.

Basic Information:

Given Name: M—. In fan fiction she is frequently named Madeline, but personally I think that is an unlikely choice.

Age: Unknown, several years younger than Mrs. Bennet and Mrs. Phillips.

Primary Residence: London, in Gracechurch Street somewhere near Cheapside and within view of her husband’s warehouses.

Spouse: Edward Gardiner
Children: two girls, ages 6 and 8 (as of July) and two younger boys, with the possibility that they may have more

Physical Characteristics: She does not have as much endurance for walking as does Elizabeth.

Personality Characteristics: Mrs. Gardiner is an intelligent, amiable, sensible, elegant, and generous woman. She is also a good listener who’s discretion can typically be counted on and an excellent source of good advice.

What to call her:

  • Mrs. Gardiner – pretty much everyone except close friends and family.
  • My aunt – this is how the Bennet daughters typically refer to her.

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