Charles Bingley, Basic Character Information

Basic Information:

Age: 23 at the beginning of the novel

Spouse: Jane Bennet (end of novel)
Other Family:two sisters, Caroline Bingley and Louisa Hurst

Physical Characteristics: Bingley is described as being “good looking” and “handsome” with a “pleasant countenance.” He is shorter than Darcy.

Personality Characteristics: Bingley’s chief personality trait could be amiability. He is good humored himself and dislikes it when people around him disagree or dispute with one another. He is easily persuaded by friends and places greater trust in Darcy’s judgment than he does his own. He is liked wherever he goes, makes friends easily, and is apparently in something of a habit of falling in love.

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  1. Lana Lou

    This is my favorite part: “is apparently in something of a habit of falling in love” I guess I had never noticed the part of text that tells us this.

  2. Melissa Renee

    Well, Darcy says that he has often seen Bingley in love before.

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